You have just created and configured your store, it is now time to develop the product sheet.

We have prepared a series of tips for you, as well as a list of various information that should be provided in the sheet .


Your product range

Offer a wide choice of products, at least twenty products.

Where are you located?

You will have to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd compared to other stores that offer similar items. To do this, you have to study the different offers in order to be able to differentiate yourself and play on this difference.

The description of your product

Inventory all the useful information about your products (choice of materials, manufacturing process, colors offered, sizes offered, characteristics, important keywords ...).

The desire to buy

You have to make people want to buy your products, for that you need your photos to be sharp, the products to be well presented on them and the description to be of high quality. Highlight the testimonials of people who have already used your products ...


Take the time to do a real "shooting" session of your products.

Remember that when it comes to e-commerce, the buyer cannot see or touch your creation. It is important that the photos are of quality.

Prohibited photos

  • Property : You may only use visual effects which belong to you or which you have the right to use. If this condition is not met, the product sheet will be immediately deactivated.
  • Publicity : It is strictly forbidden to display your personal website or any sign that may cause visitors to leave the Les Nouveaux Créateurs website (competitor's website, social network, etc.). If you do not respect this condition, the product sheet will be immediately deactivated and your store may be closed.
  • Aesthetics: It is forbidden to add any graphic or photographic background, decoration or visual overload. Your photos should show the product, preferably against a white or transparent background or cropped to show the product, sometimes when the decoration is light but retains a certain aesthetic quality. We reserve the right to remove product sheets whose photos do not match our website.

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